Global Warming Facts and What to DoGlobal Warming Facts and What to Do

The contents of this website about global warming are listed below with abstracts about each article.

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Video - Mountain top removal coal mining
Video - Environmental catastrophe in Alberta
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Paper Recycling and Global Warming
Melting Polar and Alpine Ice
Human Causes of Global Warming
An Oil-Based Civilization
Change as Act of Conscience
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I have lived here before
In days of ice.
And I came back to find
The stars displaced,
And the smell of a world
That is burned.
Yeah, well, maybe it's just a change of climate....

by Jimi Hendrix from the song "Up From The Skies"

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Global warming in the Antarctic
Michael Warr worked as a meteorologist in Antarctica during the 1960s. Visiting 40 years later, he describes changes from global warming.

How businesses can fight global warming
Tips for businesses that want to reduce energy use and pollution from operations and employee activities.

Human causes of global warming
Human activities such as burning fossil fuels like coal and oil and deforestation have caused global warming.

Change as act of conscience
Individual choices matter in the fight against global warming.

Video - Mountain top removal coal mining
West Virginia and other Appalachian states are experiencing massive environmental destruction to supply coal to power plants.

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Ten ways to fight global warming
A list of tips that any person can use to lower his or her carbon emissions and reduce global warming.

What is global warming?
Temperatures are rising, polar ice is receding, and extreme weather like hurricanes, droughts, heat waves, and floods are part of global warming.

Global warming solutions
Substantial progress can be made toward alleviating global warming by using renewable energy over coal, more fuel efficient vehicles, and protection of forests as described in this article.

Global warming home page
Read this month's Raindrop of Knowledge about global warming and headlines from NewsCloud or view videos about fossil fuel pollution.

Melting polar and alpine ice
The melting of polar ice and the loss of alpine glaciers present stark evidence of global warming.

Oil-based civilization
Global warming has resulted in part from the unchecked policies of oil and automobile companies to engineer a world reliant on their polluting products.

Environmental disaster in Alberta video
Extracting oil from the tar sands in Alberta is destroying forests, polluting rivers, and poisoning people.

Raindrop of knowledge
Contribute advice to help stop global warming or educate people about the threat of pollution. Published monthly.

The role of recycled paper in global warming
Find out which toilet paper is made with recycled paper.

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