Global Warming Facts and What to DoGlobal Warming Facts and What to Do

Peak oil has now made it profitable for oil companies to pursue the difficult process of extracting oil from tar sands. Alberta, Canada has tremendous oil reserves, but to get it an astonishing toll must be paid by the envirnoment. The video below states that the small town of Fort McMurray, Alberta accounts for two-thirds of Canada's greenhouse gase emissions because of the massive oil industry operations there.

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I have lived here before
In days of ice.
And I came back to find
The stars displaced,
And the smell of a world
That is burned.
Yeah, well, maybe it's just a change of climate....

by Jimi Hendrix from the song "Up From The Skies"

Oil from tar sands in Alberta video

In Fort McMurray, Alberta an environmental catastrophe of extreme ugliness is happening. Driven by high oil prices, oil companies are now engaged in the very destructive activity of extracting oil from tar sands.

This video "Toxic Alberta" is Part 1 of a series from that introduces viewers to the horrors going on in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Note: This video contains the F-word but in an appropriate context.

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