Global Warming Facts and What to DoGlobal Warming Facts and What to Do

In addition to being a major source of global warming pollution, coal often causes terrible environmental damage when extracted with mountain top removal methods. The video below shows the mountains, streams, and forests being destroyed so that coal can be extracted in an "economical" way. In mountain top removal coal mining, explosives are used to blast away the summits to expose the coal. The rubble is dumped in valleys, and the toxic coal slurry left over from coal processing is stored in open pits throughout the Appalachian Mountains.

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I have lived here before
In days of ice.
And I came back to find
The stars displaced,
And the smell of a world
That is burned.
Yeah, well, maybe it's just a change of climate....

by Jimi Hendrix from the song "Up From The Skies"

Mountain top removal coal mining video

This video produced by shows the land and the people who are being destroyed in West Virginia and other Appalachian states so that coal power plants can produce global warming pollution and electricity. See the million acres of rubble and the faces of the people who are paying for so-called "cheap electricity" in the United States.

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