Global Warming Facts and What to DoGlobal Warming Facts and What to Do

Individual choices and lifestyle changes may seem pointless when confronting the colossal scale of the global warming crisis. But each person who acts to correct our civilization that has been designed in opposotion to Nature and health represents a point of change. It is important to reduce your pollution because it is the right thing to do.

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I have lived here before
In days of ice.
And I came back to find
The stars displaced,
And the smell of a world
That is burned.
Yeah, well, maybe it's just a change of climate....

by Jimi Hendrix from the song "Up From The Skies"

Change as Act of Conscience

Living in a world manipulated by the limitless and cruel greed of giant companies, people are trapped in a system of destructive consumption. Even the informed and well-meaning have difficulty knowing where to begin in order to alleviate global warming. For Americans especially, not using a car is simply not feasible. A person is often many miles from work and there is no alternative transportation. Millions of people in sprawling suburbs may not even be within comfortable walking distance of food.

Like hapless African boys abducted by militias and pressed into violence, people in the “car culture” are forced to participate. By becoming part of a system, they condone it. No moral high ground remains just as surely as when a boy soldier fires that first bullet or swings the machete blade.  

It’s difficult for an individual to begin to change behavior within a civilization that is completely engineered in opposition to Nature, health, and sustainability. The task is overwhelming. As one person or household among hundreds of millions of people, billions even, the concept of even trying to change can seem ludicrous. The effort matters though because to act in opposition to one’s conscience is bad in itself. To follow one’s ideals and act upon them begins the process of liberation. A process that may never be complete, but it must be done.

There are simple even painless steps that anyone can take to begin turning the giant oil tanker that is modern society into the wind. The actions of an individual are infinitesimally small but the more people that commit to amending their behavior and attitudes, the more that can be accomplished.

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