Global Warming Facts and What to DoGlobal Warming Facts and What to Do

As employers, businesses imposes a great deal of energy use and pollution upon many people. The list below suggests tactics businesses can use to lower their energy costs, reduce pollution, and reduce the pollution produced by their employees.

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Tips to Fight Global Warming Especially for Business Owners and Employers

  1. Install and use more energy efficient lighting systems in offices and factories. Use natural light as much as possible. The bigger the business, the more that can be saved with energy efficient lighting.
  2. Make sure that computers and equipment are turned off when staff is not present. Letting computers stay on all night and all weekend is a terrible power waste and it sucks into profits.
  3. Use a timer thermostat to make sure that heating and air conditioning are minimally used after hours and weekends.
  4. Encourage or even reward employees for carpooling.
  5. Arrange to pay for mass transit services, if available, for any interested employees.
  6. If the business model allows for it, offer employees one day of telecommuting from home. It will save them from driving.
  7. If the business model allows for it, offer employees a 4 day week of 10 hour shifts to reduce commuting by 1 day a week.
  8. If financially possible, install wind, solar, or other alternative power generation at the work place. With pollution-based energy costs rising, this is a good business investment. It's also excellent public relations. Factories often are wasting energy resources that could be harvested within the production system. See the excellent example of the Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico, California.
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